Identity theft is a growing problem and affects people of all ages. While it may not be possible to prevent all identity theft there are ways to be proactive in preventing the problem. Hopefully, you will find these 10 Steps helpful.

1. Minimize your risk – Don’t carry your social security card or place your social security number on your check.

2. Telephone Security – Don’t give your credit card number or bank account information to anyone unless you initiate the contact. Confirm internet requests for confidential information and require solicitors to send information through the mail.

3. Internet Security – Use current virus protection software. Don’t use embedded links to access websites. Minimize the display of email addresses.

4. Protect your personal information – Use a cross cut shredder.

5. Secure your financial documents – Keep all personal records in a safe location. Make a copy of the front and back of each of your credit and identification cards.

6. Use federal and state do not call lists –; 888-382-1222,

7. Use secure ATM locations – Avoid stand-alone terminals in unfamiliar places.

8. Change Passwords frequently – Use secure alpha numeric combinations.

9. Practice workplace information security – Protect customer/client information while on the phone and online screen.

10. Physical Security – If a victim of identity theft keep a copy of police report with you.

Trust your instincts – they will serve you well.